Presenting at the Booth Museum of Art, Georgia

I was invited by the Booth Museum of Art and the Booth Museum Photography Guild to share a presentation on Still Life Photography.

They were a great group of photographers and artists who had wonderful questions and insightful comments regarding the material presented. I really enjoyed sharing my passion for stil life imagery with such a welcoming group. We explored lighting, composition and working with intent. We discussed having a purpose and a clear concept in mind which in turn drives technique and camera settings. Originally this was going to be a hybrid presentation with museum members viewing the presentation in their beautiful auditorium and some members watching on zoom. Due to recent construction on the auditorium we ended going completely virtual.

They were so pleased with the talk, they are already arranging to have me return. This was all possible due to zoom. It is amazing that one can teach from one's home to people across the country (and sometimes around the world!)We did have a participant from Italy join us.

I'm looking forward to work with this organization again. I made some new friends today that are passionate about learning and improving their photography. I hope the talk was insightful and inspiring.

The museum looks like an amazing space. I hope to visit and spend some time there in the future.

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