My ebook ,"Creating Still Life Photography With a Painterly Approach" is available for purchase.

I am offering my ebook on Still Life Photography for $25. To purchase the ebook/ PDF, simply contact me through my website and I will send you an invoice through PayPal. Once payment is processed, I will send the ebook to your email address within a day.

The book features over 100 pages of material on composition, lighting, ways of finding inspiration , using still life as a metaphor and working a shot. My years of experience as a classically trained painter will help you see the artistic potential in still life imagery and help you create impactful images that express emotion, tell a story and communicate an idea.

My ebook is based on information that I have shared through presentations and workshops held all across the country. I am passionate about helping others improve their photography skills and learn to express themselves visually.

The book has helped my students see and use light and composition in more impactful ways and has influenced all facets of their photography. The material has inspired them to create fine art imagery rather than mere snapshots.

I hope this ebook will inspire and challenge you to explore still life imagery with intent and purpose.


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